Create a new application

Do you want to build a Django app (or any other Python app) and you are struggling where to start and how to deploy it?

Let fix that quick and easy by creating a site from a Appliku Start template and deploying it on Appliku.

In this doc we you will learn how to create a new application from a template, push it to github and run the site on your Digital Ocean server set up for you by Appliku.

Before we start make sure you have an Appliku account with connected GitHub and Digital Ocean accounts.

If you are not already an Appliku user, go ahead sign up for free here first.

This also requires some basic experience with git in order to clone/push your site to the repo.

You also should create a server first, before creating a new application.

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Getting Started with a new app on Appliku

First you need to create an application from a starter template.

Go to

Create a repository (we recommend to make it private, unless you want it to be public on purpose).

Then open your terminal and clone a template repository:

git clone --mirror
cd appliku_start
git remote set-url --push origin
git push

Make sure to replace username/repository_path to the path of your newly created repository.

When you log in to appliku ( ) you will be taken to the list of your apps.

There click “NEW APP FROM GITHUB” button.

New app from github button

You will see the page with a App Creation Form.

Enter a name for your application (letters, numbers and dash only).

From the drop down select your repository.

In branch drop down select master (most likely will be the only option).

Choose a server to deploy the application to ( see Create a server ).

Tap the checkbox “Provision Default Databases and Config Vars”.

It should look like this:

New application form

Click “Create an application” button.

After that you will be redirected to the new application’s dashboard.

Application dashboard

You now should go to the Processes tab and turn on the “web” worker, which is serving web requests to your app.

Application Process Web

Lets get back to the dashboard, click Overview and deploy the app by clicking on “Deploy now” button on the right.

Deployment Started

The deployment block of dashboard will report that deployment is in progress and long ago it started.

Deployment Finished

When deployment is complete – you will see a green checkbox.

Now click on tab “Open App” and you will be taken to your app.

You will see “Site works”.

If you see anything else, there is an error of some kind.

You can go to “Deploys” tab in the dashboard and see the latest deployment (on top).

Click “View Logs” to have a clue what might go wrong.