Create a server

Before you can create an app, you have to create a server.

Right now Appliku allows only a single option to create a server:

  • NYC region

  • $5/mo droplet

To create an app you should go to Servers tab in Appliku interface and click Create New Server.

Then confirm you action by clicking “Create a Server” button.

You will be redirected to the server list page where you see your new server added to the list.

Pay attention the the indication on the right. It shows progress of the server setup.

First, Digital Ocean should finish server creation.

Second, when server is accessible Appliku starts the setup process of its own. Appliku installs all the needed software and applies configuration required to run your apps:

  • system user

  • nginx

  • docker

  • ssh

  • etc

If you click on a server you will see more details like IP address. From there you can go to the Setup logs tab and see the state what happens on the server during deployment.

When server is ready on a server list you will see a green check mark instead of the hourglass.

On server detail page you will see Setup: Finished.

Now you can deploy an app on this server.

Please keep in mind that server we don’t support deployment on your existing server in your Digital Ocean panel, nor we’ll support deployment on your custom server.

When you create a server via Appliku Dashboard all SSH keys that are added into your account will be added to a newly created server.

To access servers Appliku adds an SSH key generated for your account.