Create an application from an existing codebase

If you want to run your application on Appliku you should check that your existing codebase satisfies several requirements:

  • Procfile in the root of the repository

  • For apps that require a database, DB configuration must be taken from the environment variable DATABASE_URL

  • requirements.txt in the root of your repository should contain all dependencies of the application

  • your app should work under Python 3.7 (Currently the only supported version of Python).

Other important things to keep in mind:

  • only /media folder is persistently stored. Changes in other directories will be lost upon application restart

  • MEDIA_URL should be respected if you want to serve user uploaded data. It is served by nginx and your app is not called on this URL.

Current limitations:

  • During build step Appliku runs python collectstatic –noinput if is found in the root of the repo. You can disable it by setting config variable DISABLE_COLLECTSTATIC=1

  • default command for the release phase is python migrate. If you don’t need this, then you should add release: echo 1 to your Procfile to override the default behaviour.